Our Mission

To reduce the educational disadvantage in rural Australia by providing a learning environment tailored to the personal and cultural needs of local youth.

Empower Campaign



To Carry, To Stand, To Build


We are trying to create an OPPORTUNITY

Our aim is to provide a culturally-sensitive learning environment, centred on relationships. We endeavour to change rural communities’ attitudes towards education which will further build their faith in themselves and the world around them. Our priority is to increase the flow of rural high school students into tertiary education, apprenticeships, and the workforce.

Nhuubala Yugal Education Centre enables and empowers disadvantaged young people to break out of the cycle of poverty.

The expected long-term impact of the program is that disadvantaged youth in Moree who are disengaged from the school system and are potentially influenced by alcohol, drugs and crime, find employment and break the cycle of poverty that generations have been plagued by.

The impact of the program does not stop at students’ completion of Year 10, but extends to developing perceptions of self, and enables participation in tertiary education and attainment of employment.

By fostering meaningful connections and utilising the strength of community, the NYEC increases students’ engagement in their education, guiding young people into positive pathways and empowering them to break out of the poverty cycle.