Our Services  

At NYEC everything we do is with the intention of maximising the learning, wellbeing and future opportunities of our students.


Given the complex nature of educational inequality there are three layers to what we do, as outlined below. 

(Wamba-li = 'To Carry')

Where: Mainstream Moree Schools

Our Programs: School Connect, Tutoring Centre, High School Hub

1. Resourcing

(Warra-li = 'To Build')

Where: Distance Education or TAFE/VET

Our Programs: Education Mentoring (Distance Education or TAFE/VET)

2. Mentoring

(Warrama-li = 'To Stand')

 Currently Pending NESA endorsement.

Where: NYEC's own alternative education course

Our Programs: 'New Song' Alternative Education Bridging Program (TBA)

3. Educating