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Pathways: What We Do

Distance Education Support

If a student will do their personal best completing a distance education curriculum with the support of our mentors, we enrol them with an education provider such as the Australian Christian College.

Upon completion of the Year 10 curriculum, students are encouraged to elect a post NYEC pathway. We offer our students guidance in their decision, helping them reach their full potential.

Post NYEC opportunities include:

  • Enrolment at a NSW high school for the completion of the Higher School Certificate

  • Enrolment at TAFE, including pursuit of a vocational or trade qualification

  • Attainment of an apprenticeship or traineeship

  • Employment in an industry of the student's choice

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TAFE Online Study Support

For students who will thrive under a vocational education experience, we offer enrolment with OTEN.


Our mentors work with students towards Certificates I and II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways.

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