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  The Wuu-ri ("gift") Project  

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The Wuu-ri ("gift") Project

"Your generosity will ensure that help for disadvantaged youths will continue in Moree. Please help our cause and make a difference! "


At NYEC, we provide an Education Mentoring Program as a pathway to Distance Education or TAFE/VET courses for young people who are disconnected from mainstream schools. 

You can give the gift of education to an Indigenous teen by donating to help them get closer to their dreams!

Where Does Your Money Go

Car Fuel



A $20 donation will provide sufficient meals for three students at NYEC per week.

For $20 per week you will be assisting in our daily pick up and drop off services for our Education Support Mentoring Program. 

Image by Kimberly Farmer


For $20 per week you will help us purchase learning resources for our students.

Flexible Payment Planning


For $35 per week you will help us in supporting our staff on the ground. 

Choose a Student

Your donation will help fund an Education Mentor to deliver 12-15 hours of personalised tutoring every week.

Education Mentor

With your generosity we can provide students with transport to and from each mentoring session.


Access to useful learning resources as well as a healthy meal every day.


Our Success Story


An indigenous teen who had not been at school for up to 8 years. She was supported through Cert 1 and Cert 2 courses at TAFE and has gone on to begin a Cert 3 in business.

About The Program

At NYEC, we provide an Education Mentoring Program as a pathway for young people who are culturally and relationally disconnected from mainstream schools.

We engage these students with one-one-one support 12-15 hours per week to target vital literacy and numeracy skills and empower them to succeed in Distance Education or TAFE/VET courses.​

Students are consistently referred to NYEC from PCYC, trauma and youth services, and the Education Department. There is no funding available for this service, so these kids need a regular helping hand to participate.​

Please note, the Education Mentoring Program entails a potentially high-turnover as at-risk students enter the program and others reintegrate into main-stream schools, or other training and employment.

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